Brent Jones Sr. UI Designer

Skills Matrix

2 months to redesign, develop, and release a software product to aide Presidio Resource Mangers in staffing internal engineering resources.

Project Brief

The goals of this redesign were to improve the experience for Resource Managers procurring engineers for projects and gain companywide adoption across all territories.

Additional features included separating search results by territory, and helping Resource Managers connect with those they personally manage or other managers outside of their area.

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Brent Jones Sr. UI Product Designer
Initial Skills Matrix web prototype

I decided to utilize the exisiting Bootstrap 4 framework and wrote a new theme based on my design in SASS and styled the front-end components within a responsive grid layout. The Skills Matrix was the first responsive app to come out of our department.

Brent Jones Sr. UI Designer
Skills Matrix search view

WebEx Design Reviews

Working remotely in one week sprints, I knew it was important to design an interface that would be easy to comprehend visually over a WebEx call. I created a component library in Sketch for myself, and designed high fidelity mockups instead of wireframes to gather feedback on the final design.

Invision Prototype

Invision came in handy, allowing me to demo the different ways to interact with the UI and communicate the process for completing tasks. During design reviews I captured feedback with comments in Invision, and followed up with stakeholders over email to gather additional feedback on my revisions.

Summary of My Experience

This project helped me learn to use Visual Studio as my text editor and for version control of my code. After completing design, I was heavily involved in programming and styling the front-end gaining good experience with VS and Bootstrap v4.

I felt a great sense of accomplishment working on the project from start to finish and knowing we had built a tool that would see good use internally by our fellow teammates at Presidio.


Brent is fantastic to work with. He has a deep understanding of interface design and user experience. He's skilled at solving complex problems and communicating design concepts. Excellent at understanding product specifications and translating into wireframes and prototypes. Brent has a positive attitude, a problem-solving aptitude, and the chops to bring visual ideas to life.

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Danny Savard
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