UI Design - NGRM

Next Generation Risk Management

I led the recent redesign of Presidio NGRM, a web application for Cyber Security Ops to analyze and manage the remediation of vulnerabilities within a client's IT infrastructure.

Design Preparation

I inherited a web prototype built with Twitter Bootstrap 3 and Highcharts.js for the front-end and data visualization components. Before even thinking about design, I read all of the documentation for both to get a good understanding of their configuration options.

As a front-end developer myself, I take into account how my designs will be implmented. Catering to engineers contributes to the team's overall velocity and workflow.

Following my initial research, I mocked up each view in the current web UI in Sketch. Now I not only had working art files, I was also able to sync with Invision to demo interaction and navigation.

Contact me to learn more about my process.

Brent Jones Product Designer

Dashboard Redesign

The original Dashboard was a mashup of charts for all the data points being tracked. I interviewed analysts, engineers, and stakeholders to learn how the charts were being used. During this time, I also discovered a bug in the charting library that displaced users after drilling into more than 2 levels of data.

I relocated each chart to the subsection of the app that they applied to, which provided many benefits not only to the Security Analysts but to the overall information architecture. Now they could use the main navigation to quickly find and drill into the the data they needed while remaining in the same view.

With the bug resolved, and free space on the Dashboard I once again interviewed the team to figure out how we could make the most of it. I designed three new charts to provide a high level overview of Mitigation data and an audit log widget called the Alert Summary to keep everyone on the team informed of any changes.

View Dashboard Design

Brent Jones Sr. Cyber Security Product Designer

Robust Data Filters

Risks, Governance, and Compliance now had new charts and consistent layouts. The old dashboard charts now lived above the data table on each view.

We combined their functionality enabling Analysts to drill into data visually, or by filtering and sorting the table. Using either component updated the display of data in both dynamically. See the consistent layout applied to the subsections of Risks below.

Brent Jones Sr. UI Designer

Improving the design and user experience added great value to the new components on the Dashboard and subsections of Risks, Governance, and Compliance. The charts and tables were much more actionable, and the navigation issues were resolved.

View Risks Prototype

Rapid Prototyping

With design underway, I worked in 2 week sprints, conducting mid-sprint design reviews with the product owner and stakeholders with the goal of completing design 1 sprint ahead of implementation. Feedback came back in a variety of ways, comments in Invision and JIRA, or transcribed notes from WebEx recordings.

Everything ended up in JIRA where I used Atlassian's InVision for JIRA plugin to attach my latest work to tickets, keeping everyone up to date and insuring engineers were implementing the latest version.

View Invision Prototype

Brent Jones Sr. Product Designer

Overall Experience

We successfully enabled Presidio Cyber Security Ops to launch NGRM out of beta and start offering the on-premise services. They now had a UI that was modern, user friendly, and designed with their Security Analyst's workflow in mind.

Our small team gelled well and were revered within our department for our communication and processes. I also gained fluency in Bootstrap v3 and Highcharts.js. There are many great features of the redesign that I would love to show you. If you would like to learn more about my experience please contact me for a demo.

I had the pleasure of working with Brent while working on a cyber security web application. He was able to drive a killer user experience, always concerned with how users can get work done easily and efficiently.

Daniel Russo Senior Software Engineer - Presidio
Daniel Russo
Senior Software Engineer - Presidio