Brent Jones Cloud Analytics Data Visualization Designer

Presidio Concierge

A POC to demonstrate how to present cost and usage data to clients who use AWS and Cisco services. I designed a user interface to show the capabilities of Highcharts.js.

Brent Jones Sr. UI Designer
Initial design prototype utilizing eCharts, contact me for a demo.

Requirements Reviews

I inherited a web prototype that utilized the eCharts library. The chart is loaded as a single component, which limited design customization.

I tested design prototypes with Architects, the Product Manager, and Stakeholders to understand how we could provide the most value to Presidio clients and account managers.

In an effort to move beyond the limitations of eCharts, we created a design spike to explore our options.

Data Visualization Research

I read through the eCharts, Highcharts, D3, and Google Design Studio docs. I created a feature matrix on Confluence to show the pros and cons of each to my team and conducted demos as well.

Highcharts aligned with our design and feature options, and I was confident I could craft a UI our engineers could quickly implement.

Afterwords I reviewed the requirements and the documentation with engineers to familiarize them with Highcharts before starting design.

Brent Jones Sr. UI Designer
Alternate bar chart design using eCharts with a clickable Invision Prototype

View Invision Prototype

Final Design

One of the intial requirements was to display consumption and cost side by side for comparison, like you see above. Design feedback led me in a different direction. There is a lot to explain about my design, contact me for a demo. In the end I prominently featured a toggle for cost and consumption on each chart.

Highcharts exceeded stakeholder expectations, delivering on the features that eCharts lacked, and design options that allowed me to create unique data visualizations for our product.

Brent Jones Sr. UI Designer
Final Analytics design using Highcharts with a clickable Invision Prototype

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Brent is fantastic to work with. He has a deep understanding of interface design and user experience. He's skilled at solving complex problems and communicating design concepts. Excellent at understanding product specifications and translating into wireframes and prototypes. Brent has a positive attitude, a problem-solving aptitude, and the chops to bring visual ideas to life.

Danny Savard Product Manager - Presidio
Danny Savard
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