Brent Jones Sr. Email Designer

Alienware & Dell Gaming Email

Interactive Art Director leading design for Dell and Alienware's U.S. Consumer email marketing of product launches and video game campaigns.

Emphasis on Design

Dell's Alienware and XPS product lines are high powered computers geared for gaming and multimedia. As Enfatico's Interactive Art Director for Dell's U.S. Consumer Email Marketing, I knew the feeling of using these gaming systems had to come through in the design of their gaming emails.

Desktop and laptops were cross-promoted with video game releases such as The Ghostbusters video game (seen below), which allowed me to be creative with game design assets.

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Brent Jones Product Designer

The designs were highly graphical for email, I really pushed the boundaries. The theme for each campaign was also applied to banner ads for the cosponsoring game as part of the email layout.

To be safe I left room for hypertext where possible especially for descriptions and prices. Aside from editing the raw product photos, it was very important that I size any computer hardware proportionately to the actual size of the product itself.

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Brent Jones Sr. Email Designer
Brent Jones Sr. Email Campaign Designer

Alienware M17x Launch Campaign

Product launch emails are unique in that they focus on one new product versus multiple systems. I provided stateside design guidance and support as part of the global Alienware M17x laptop launch campaign. I enjoyed collaborating on banner ads, email, and in-store posters with the account teams in Europe and Asia.

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Brent Jones Sr. Email Marketing Designer
Brent Jones Sr. Email Template Designer

The campaign was recognized my Marketing Sherpa and received an award for the Best Email Opt-in or List Growth Campaign Gold B2C.

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Brent is one of those rare talents who not only produces high-caliber creative solutions, but also delivers the solution well before deadlines. As a program manager, if Brent was part of the team, I knew the creative would be nothing less than stellar. Any company would be lucky to engage Brent for senior digital design production, and I would be happy to speak on his behalf.

Jay Irion Senior Program Manager Enfatico
Jay Irion
Senior Program Manager - Enfatico