Salons Across the Nation are Joining Forces to Raise Funds for Scalp Cooling Patients.

  • Revery Salon-a-Thon for HairToStay
  • Revery Salon-a-Thon for HairToStay

Scalp cooling is a revolutionary new treatment that helps prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss. But it’s rarely covered by insurance, so thousands of women simply can’t afford it. HairToStay levels the playing field by subsidizing many of these patients! The Salon-a-Thon is open to Salons, manufacturers, distributors, brands, and others who want to make a difference.

Choose the approach that works best for your salon

The HairToStay Salon-a-Thon is a wonderful way to for your salon to help thousands of patients avoid one of the most devastating side effects of chemotherapy…and a wonderful way for you and your stylists to dramatically reduce the number of heartbreaking chemo cuts you have to do.

Set aside a HairToStay Salon-a-Thon Day or Days in October

  • Many salons are choosing Monday, October 2nd

Sponsor a patient(s)

  • Donate a specific amount or a percentage of service and/or product sales during October
    • Every $1,000 subsidizes another woman’s scalp cooling therapy

We’ll help promote your event to your clients and community.

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    On May 15, 2017, Revery Salon in Mill Valley, CA held the first HairToStay Salon-a-Thon and raised several thousand dollars for HairToStay!

    The HairToStay Salon-a-Thon we did this May was a win-win. Our clients felt great about being part of this special cause and our stylists felt great about being able to use their talents to give back in such a meaningful way”, said Heather Fultz, co-owner of Revery Hair Salon and Shavery Barber Shop in Mill Valley, CA. “Every cut, blow-out, highlight and shave mattered. The salon-a-thon was also a great way to introduce new folks to our salon and barber shop. In the end, it was not just about creating a great look, it was also about creating a great feeling. Our staff is excited to do it again!

    Revery Salon HairToStay Salon-a-Thon