Sponsoring a Home HairToStay Salon

Home HairToStay Salons are a great way to create awareness about scalp cooling in your local community while helping to raise money to bring scalp cooling to patients who don’t have the means to afford it. It is the true embodiment of building this HairRoots movement across the country.

We will help you every step of the way.

An In-Home Salon typically lasts about 90 minutes – from the initial schmoozing, to guests grabbing a nosh, to the formal program and all the way through the Q&A. Schedule the event, choose a venue, plan refreshments, and finally provide us with your guest list.

  • We create and manage an Evite to send to your invitee list
  • Work with you to customize the event agenda
  • Provide you with all the program elements (Video and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Help locate and arrange participation by local medical providers, former scalp cooling patients and/or local hair salon owners
  • Provide a donor brochure for your guests to take away