Brent Jones Wine Label Design

Tatum Cellars

Josh Fritsche is a friend and winemaker for notable Texas Hill Country wineries. I designed labels for his own wine which he named after his daughter Tatum.

With Tatum's middle name being Rose, and the first of the three wines being a RoseĀ“, I suggested featuring a Rose in the logo. I traced a Rose in Illustrator, and used it as a focal point in the label.

Minimalist Design

The client wanted a label that would be easy to read when browsing the wine section. After going throught the creative process to decide on fonts and colors we ended up with a design that draws attention to the classy type and rose symbol.

The minimalist design also made it easier to meet the guidelines and gain approval from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

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Brent Jones Graphic Designer

The color of the rose in the logo changes with each blend to match the color of the wine.

Brent Jones Wine Label Designer

Client Experience

The response to the label design and wine have been very positive. The RoseĀ“ and Roussane have been featured in Edible San Antonio and Texas Wine Journal. As a homebrewer myself, I am happy to have helped my client and friend Josh start his own wine label and achieve notoriety among other big Texas wine producers.