Brent Jones Wine Label Design

Elgin Meadery

I designed a bottle label template and subsequent label designs that would effectively market Elgin Meadery's products and adapt to their ever changing mix of mead recipes.

Label Requirements

Clear Port and Dessert Wine bottles were chosen to stand out when on display and to showcase the color of the mead as well.

I measured the bottle width in order to make sure the logo and description of the Mead were always visible and easily readable from a disance. I also included details about the Style and Sweetness on the front of the label which are important details that a consumer may evaluate when deciding on their purchase.

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Brent Jones Mead Label Designer

I standardized certain type elements in order to focus on passing TABC approval while still allowing room for creativity in the overall design. This included using very specific font-sizes, copywriting, and dimensions.

Brent Jones Wine Label Graphic Designer

The name of the Mead, description, and the details beneath the name vary with each style. The client chose colors for the logo based to compliment the theme of each batch.

Brent Jones Mead Label Graphic Designer

Streamlining the label template has allowed the client to work directly with the printer for simple color and text changes and free me up to work on more elaborate one off seasonal label designs such. View the gallery to see more label designs.

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Client Experience

In their first year Elgin Meadery went from a startup to selling Mead at local Farmers Markets and bottle shops in Austin as well as opening a tasting room in Elgin. I highly recommend you stop by for a tasting or buy a bottle when you see one. I also support their other marketing effots by designing banners for their farmstand and print ads.

Brent has great design skills and he is very easy to work with. He has produced a number of high quality wine labels for us that met our specifications and industry standards. If we required changes, he was quick to complete them and he maintained an open channel of communication the whole time. I highly recommend Brent as your graphic designer for your next project.

Micah Erwin - Founder Mead Maker Elgin Meadery
Micah Erwin
Founder/Mead Maker - Elgin Meadery